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The Booty Block was designed by Scott Hill, an honors graduate in physiotherapy and 20 years experience in the health and fitness field. The shape, design and density of the block was achieved by accounting for ergonomics, anatomical landmarks and the biomechanics of the movement itself. With glute bridging/hip thrusting being a highly beneficial exercise in both physique building and rehabilitation, Scott identified a limiting factor was the discomfort to the lower abdomen and prominent hip bones once a load was applied. Hence the Booty Block was developed on the back of science to allow for more effective glute bridging/hip thrusts to be performed and of course this leads to better glute development.

Other benefits factored into the design was the stabilisation of the bar, no seam for the bar to slip through and potentially hit the pelvis, foam density that allows for padding but also strong enough to not deform under barbell loads and even padding for both glute bridging and hip thrusting.

On heavy weights, please don't roll the bar. We encourage you look at the instructional video below for correct use.

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Look at how easy it is to use the Booty Block

The Booty Block is recognised for personal use, not commercial use.

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